Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kalends Messages for December...

It seems we have missed the Kalends updates for October & November, much to my chagrin, and my apologies on that.

Feeling that it's time, especially as the end of the calendar year draws nigh, there will be some layout changes and a new look to the blog this month (ensuing shortly after this post is completed).  Much of my time has been devoted to my store proper and not to the healing center or it's store as the holidays are generally a time that brings in more sales and a general "rush".

In the last few months however we have finished our large cross stitch, "Reiki Principles Cross Stitch" and the "Earth Fire Water Healing Shawl".  The only project currently in our queue is a charity piece, a prayer shawl for a friend.

With the Winter Solstice looming ever closer now is a time of reflection, as the new year dawns and the old passes a way.  Again we have a coupon for the healing center's store proper, use code "YUL3" for 20% off your entire order.

Blessings & Namaste


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Connecting With Our World & Honoring That Connection

This post comes out of two made on a social network for moms I am a part of (CafeMom).  I liked what I had to say and thought it was relevant enough to include it on this blog.

In 2009 I attended a sweat lodge for the Winter Solstice and another one during the Autumn Equinox in 2010.  It was my first one and it was a fantastic experience which I blogged about here.  What was mentioned was the fact that many people are "out of sync" with the world and Nature.  Being plugged into the modern has caused us to keep going constantly and often despite what is going on around us.  During the Winter life slows down, animals have migrated or are hibernating, many plants die, and the world in general takes a rest.  But look at yourself, your lifestyle and the pattern of your year.  Many people throughout the year, with some industries having slower portions dependent on the season (like the tourist season & Summer around coastal and resort areas), but in general you're still working.  You may luck out and get a holiday off, or opt to take a vacation for family time or just a break from work and schools let out during this time for similar reasons but you don't really slow down.  What you do is replace work and school with busy family events as the largest holiday gatherings are around this time - funny how that works out.  So you trade one form of busy-ness for another.

In my two posts on CafeMom I mention my issue with insomnia.  While it has many factors that contribute to it the bottom line is that it indicates that I am out of touch with the world just as much as anyone else.  Yes, the healer needs to heal too.  I find that during the Winter it gets even worse.  I believe that part of what is going on in my own situation is a general restlessness (which seems to make my insomnia worse) and a desire to be active due to my "monkey mind" - or as I call it the "jack rabbit".  I am so used to filling my days up with doing something that I cannot seem to embrace the quiet of the Winter time.  In fact it disquiets me.  With the Winter also comes the cold or at least cooler weather, neither of which I am a big fan of.  This drives me to stay inside more making the cabin fever even worse.  (And did I forget to mention I've also been a SAHM during my pregnancy due to having a hard time with it and since I gave birth from being out of work.)  It's a bit of a vicious cycle.

So this year, during this time of Nature's quiet I challenge you to connect with the energies around you in whatever way resonates most with your own personal beliefs.  Even if it's setting aside a few minutes a day for a week or just a few days to have some true quiet time.  Consider taking up a meditation practice or some form of soothing exercise that focuses on gentle movement - like yoga or T'ai Ch'i.  Then think about how it feels to work with the energy versus what you might have been doing before.  I'd love to hear about your experiences!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Contemplating Our Frustration

When we see something we don't like, or that is offensive to us, like the spider I just noted near my desk as I was sitting there reading through emails and holding my four month old; or experience something unpleasant and moving and knocking over something onto the floor just to have to stop what we're rushing to do to fix it our natural inclination is to become irritated or annoyed.  While this may be an "insta-reaction" it's not often helpful and can put a sour note into an otherwise harmonious day.

What I have found helpful in this is stopping to take the event for what it is.  A small, seemingly innocuous sign meant to re-direct one's attention to something other than what it is on.  A reminder of some undone task we may have been avoiding.  Sure, in words that are attributed to Sigmund Freud, "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar".  Sometimes a spider in the house because it's Winter is merely that...a member of the arachnid family entering a seemingly warm and safe refuge from the exposure of the outside.  And with my thoughts I do not discount this reality.  However I do add that when one notices something, there is generally special import.  In this case Spider reminds me of many things:  1) putting off de-cluttering around the desk just issues Spider, and various insects, an invitation, 2) be more mindful, as it was purely chance that caused me to notice the decently large (by my standards) Wolf Spider, of how close my bare feet may be to something less than savory; and of course 3) that it is time to consider the meaning of such a totem coming to my attention.

With my artistic side coming out I find that clutter seems to gravitate towards me.  With this also comes the piling of things merely to clear them from my way, rather than putting them away.  After awhile however such precarious stacking leads to the inevitability that they will fall.  When this happens I often instantaneously find myself annoyed, but as of late I have taken note to realize that had said pile not been stack in such a manner - or at all - it would not have fallen.  Therefore, it's a signal that I have too many things around where I am working and should rectify this.

So next time you see something as inconvenient, annoying, etc take a moment to step back and consider what other meaning you may draw from it - you may be surprised.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What is Reiki??? o.O

Recently while perusing our email we came across a query posted on LinkedIn. The question was about explaining Reiki to a layperson. This is definitely an important thing to consider as anyone who goes into a Reiki practice serving the public will want to consider. Often people fear or distrust what they don't understand and there are a lot of myths and just plain misinformation about Reiki. Some of this comes from a lacking understanding of those who have experienced it. But some of it is due to the complex nature that Reiki can be seen as.

It's definitely agreed upon that Reiki is energy and energy work. However to those who work with energy in their personal and religious practice that needs no further defining. As one of Pagan bent I immediately had no trouble understanding that part of Reiki, but I am not the norm and making Reiki understandable will in the end make it more accessible. If you want to think of it scientifically we are all composed of matter. Matter is energy. Our solid forms are due to the specific arrangement and vibration of this energy. The wind has energy as well, as can be definitely felt in the breeze and hurricane force winds, but it doesn't vibrate at the same frequency so doesn't take the same form.

While that may sound like a lot and too complex for the average person to consider when broken down it's seen more clearly. From a personal perspective you can pick it apart like this:

When physically tired you often don't emotionally feel like doing anything. The physical and emotional are both types of energy, along with the mental and spiritual. For many the physical, being the densest of energies and easily noted (via the physical senses) is the easiest to relate to. But you can see the effect of emotional energy through mood and motivation. You're more likely to be nice and helpful when you're happy and in a good mood. We all know that when mom is overly frustrated or tired it's not a good time to ask for any favors. That principle is relative to us all though. Mental energy can be seen in one's ability to think clearly - however that may be. Not necessarily logically, but a definitive "clear thinking" (not willy-nilly, scattered, or otherwise all over the place). Exception may be taken to this if that is how You "normally" think - but that is another post. Spiritual energy is seen through our connection or lack thereof to the Divine. Whatever beliefs we have in relation to the supernatural is part of this energy.

So you get what energy is now. So what? Well all these energy systems as we'll refer to them now are interconnected. You can see this when you are in a poor mood because you're overly tired. When you become physically ill or rundown because of a persistent bad mood. How you may feel "spacey" if you lack a spiritual focus, etc. On a greater scale this relates to others as well. When you're around others who are down it may agitate you or bring you down. At the very least you will not want to be around them. This interconnection goes for places and things as well. They are subject to the energy they are exposed to and soak up. This can be seen when you visit someone's home or some other place that may "feel" uncomfortable to you. Even someone who is not "energy sensitive" can become uncomfortable in these places (depending on the strength and persistence of the energy). Therefore all in all we all are affected and affect our environs and the people and things within it.

Given this exposure to so many influences internal and external one's personal energy system can be "thrown out of whack" as it were. Repeated exposure to unpleasant physical places or people can eventually bring anyone down. You might find yourself avoiding these places and people naturally (think of this like your energy system's immune response almost) or you may feel it in a more psychosomatic sense in which you will feel negative feelings as a result or your dread or distaste of these places and situations even if you've not experienced them yet.

Since the average person's energy sensitivity only extends very vaguely into their personal emotions it can be hard to note the general state of one's personal cumulative (all levels that is) energy system. Regardless of whether you obviously feel all of the things effecting you on a conscious level they are and eventually you will see the result of this exposure as you feel it's effects in various areas of your personal energy system.

This is where Reiki comes in. Reiki is the Universe's "personal" energy. The biggest difference is that it is pure and untainted. It has no ill thoughts or emotions and cannot be negative. Exposure to this type of energy helps re-balance and "fix" yours. Please note this is not to say that you can't have negative emotions. They certainly serve a purpose for perspective and to help release tension and pressure, much like a hurricane releases atmospheric pressure. However, allowing it to build up, dwell in it, or feed it does cause problems - much like the damage and aftermath of a hurricane. Reiki can help correct these imbalances putting your personal energy system back to it's natural, homeostatic state. Homeostasis being defined as " the property of a system that regulates its internal environment and tends to maintain a stable, constant condition" (1). Eg it's natural, normal state of functioning. Not too hot or cold, rested, etc.

Reiki is also the use of this energy in a form of energy healing to accomplish the re-balancing. This can be done in person or distantly, touching the person lightly (no real pressure is applied) or not at all. Physically or with a surrogate (using the self, a doll, or just a picture or the person's name on a piece of paper). Regardless of the physical actions intention for healing and openness to this healing is always present and necessary.

So in short, Reiki is not a religion or funny hocus-pocus. It requires only the knowledge of how to use it, which is given in a Reiki class and with an attunement, and openness to it's use as well as proper positive intention.

To put it simply...Reiki is an energy healing system geared towards re-balancing the personal energy field. Energy is defined here as the "basic essence of one's being" and may be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual in nature. The personal energy field is that energy that is personally associated with you - based on how you may feel physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Reiki re-balances by adding pure energy from the Universe (Source, All That Is, the Divine, etc.) to one's personal energy system that then re-arranges itself which leads to a mending or filling in of the energy system.

From a more academic perspective...Reiki defined from an etymological standpoint is often described as "Universal Life Energy". For the layperson though this may not elucidate much. It can be thought of as spiritual energy, the energy that is within all things animate and inanimate, the energy of being. Reiki is a practice of working with this energy, to re-balance one's personal energy system by putting pure untainted energy within the system via a Reiki practitioner. Reiki is often thought of as a mindset and can be a way of practicing living but it is by no means a religious or spiritual practice technically. Meaning, you don't have to be a certain background, ethnicity, or religious practice/faith to practice Reiki. You just need to be open to it.

(1)  Source:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kalends Messages for September

Firstly a brief apology on the tardiness of this post.  Given the fact that last Saturday we lost power until yesterday evening we had reason to be absent.

Since September happens to have a sabbat falling in it we will also be offering another sale in our store.  You can access this by using the coupon code "M4B0N" and you will get 20% off for the entire month of September.  (While we are offering this later than the first it will not be extended past the last day of the month.)  Visit PhoenixFlame Healing on Artfire to use your coupon.

We will also be updating our official website's store and everything will forthwith be routed through the Artfire storefront rather than have the two separate venues (this allows for greater security and ease of purchase).

Currently in our queue we are working on:

  • Reiki Principles cross stitch -  a custom order for someone as a gift.
  • Earth Fire Water Healing Shawl (which is about a quarter finished at this point)
This month will also lead to several administrative changes within the center's several websites and other presences.  Articles may be re-written, added, etc and there will definitely be a lot of flux, so stay tuned...

PhoenixFlame Healing Center

Monday, August 15, 2011

Do You Practice?

Do you practice?  I mean really and truly.  As a practitioner of whatever healing method do you walk the walk as well as talk the talk?  I know a number of people who don't do this.  Are they hypocritical?  Not necessarily.  And most importantly I know that I am guilty of it.

If you were to ask me about Reiki I would go on about the benefits, how good it is for you, how it supports the body and your practices and overall welfare.  But were you to ask me whether I practice on myself often I would have to say no.  At outright I have no good reason for this, it just doesn't occur to me.  Although the moment I hear of someone who is ill or injured I would offer it.  So that reason really doesn't fly.  Perhaps it's because I'm too busy taking care of someone or everyone else.  The martyr complex.  As a caregiver, big sister, true blue friend, and now mother it's in my nature and being to care for other people however I can.  But if I am not up to par how can I really and truly be effectively helping someone else?  If I am rundown what sort of model am I putting out there for others, surely not a very good one.  So that reason is no good either.  Maybe it's just because I don't have time.  But who has time?  Who allots our time for anything?  We are not our schedules or duties, and contrary to how some people live they do not rule us (unless we allow).  Also it's important the note that we choose what we do with our time.  Sure we may feel obligated to pick up extra work, but if it's not essential to life or well-being it's not necessarily necessary.  (I would like to point out very importantly that caring for one's children or others who may need physical help or otherwise, or maintaining work to afford one necessities is not referred to here.)  And again, if we want to set a good example we need to show that by doing.

So I propose to you to look at your own practice and not just with health but all things.  Are you saying but not doing?  If you are analyze why and consider if your reasoning is truly worth it.  If not, I encourage you to re-evaluate your approach.  If you can't make it at a given time, then try at another, rearrange - be flexible.

For my own part I am setting the goal that I will give myself 5 to 15 minutes of Reiki everyday and if I feel "called" to add other practices in, like guided meditation, making a healing altar, or using crystals I will.  And I will share my thoughts and reflections on this practice here!

Blessings & Namaste!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Slowing Down & Dis-ease

I had this thought come to me awhile ago and do wish now that I had blogged about it then rather than waiting till now (I know I had more in my mind about it at that time which may not have left me... :/.)

I have heard the phrase, "I'll sleep when I'm dead." and while it's marginally funny from a serious perspective it's disturbing.  As someone who loves and feels compelled to always be productive I understand this way of thinking.  In our society (Western culture, America especially) it is fairly typical to have to get things done to feel of any worth.  This fosters a desire and need to be ultra productive or maintain a certain standard that may not be true to oneself or healthy.  We work 80 hour weeks (or at least long hours) to maintain the status quo.  We have jobs we hate, and demands on our time that far exceed the actual time we have available.  A great many people feel the need to meet some grandiose and far off expectation to do everything and be everything to some extent.  We have deadlines that loom over us like dark monsters and we ritualistic chide ourselves harshly for not maintaining, even when it's not necessarily what our heart wants.

While this isn't the case for every single person, it's very common, and it's also very sad.  The upside is that our bodies know.  They know what's right for us, what is enough, and what is too much - if we would but listen...

As is proliferated by The Secret, Wayne Dyer, and a number of other authors and people of various industries who speak on such subject, including the lovely Lissa Rankin of Owning Pink, our bodies constantly tell us what they need, want, and what nourishes them.  When you find yourself doing something effortlessly, so much so that time passes without you knowing that's a key right there.  Whatever you find joy in, is good for you.  (And we mean real live joy, not the "temporary" gratification that can be found is less than good for one practices such as drug use, etc.)

However, even beyond that is the message from our bodies to take care of ourselves.  Likes and desires aside there are certain things we all need.  In general humans are social creatures, we need to be around and interact with one another.  But not just anyone, you need people who feed your soul, who support you, and who are real to and for you.  For some this seems like a luxury as it's so easy to find those that do less for us than we do for them, who bring themselves and others down, and just aren't really who or what we need to be around.

Then there is the main point we want to reach here - of slowing down.  At the core this aids in solving a great many of the issues we've touched on here.  Slowing down and really listening to the world around us, to ourselves within our bodies and thoughts leads to a greater connection with the world at large.  Learning to know what we need and how we need it enables us to achieve it on a much greater and fulfilling scale.  When we slow down we're much more able to see those signs that are being sent our way in whatever form, including and especially of health.  When we perform at breakneck speeds it's hard to notice the twinge in our knee, the weight on our shoulders, or that aching that signals what will later be a doozy of a migraine.  Such activity masks our ability to observe and contemplate, while stillness promotes it.

When we put too much stress on our minds and bodies we deplete our vitality and strength.  Doing this makes it harder to perform and ultimately puts unhealthy levels of unnecessary stress on our bodies which all the sooner revolt and break down as a result of it.  For some illness and injury serve as a big red flag being waved wildly to take stock of their lives.  While not every case may me to physically slow down, it certainly does mean a call to attention at what one is doing - both in life externally and internally to one's body.

So next time you're rushing out the door, thinking of all the things you have to do, wondering or concerned if you will get them all done.  Take a moment to slow down.  Notice how you feel, see where any negative feelings are coming from and really embrace them.  What can  you change about your actions and perspective to nullify them?  Make this a conscious daily practice and notice how these troubles melt away.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kalends Messages for August (& July)!

With the birth of my son I have had to make everything take a backseat so I took off the remainder of June & July but I'm glad to say I'm back!  Things will take awhile to be back to their full swing just for the fact that there is still a lot of flux, but bear with me things will slowly return to "normal".

Things to look forward to or keep in mind for August...

We've got a coupon running in the healing center's store on Artfire, if you are friends with us on FB or follow us on Twitter you've seen it.  20% off on everything in the store, good as many times as you wish to use it but only for August so grab the savings while you can!

From this point on we'll likely be running some sort of sale every month there is a Sabbat and specials during other times during the year so stay tuned for those!

Due to some major changes with Artfire you will also notice some differences in our store front.  Originally everything was listed individually and only in quantities of one, but we have upgraded our account and that allows us several options including the ability to list more than one quantity and have many more pictures.

As of this month we will be removing our services from LivePerson.  This site too has undergone many changes and it is no longer financially lucrative to work with them.  All of the services (healing & readings) we still offer but you must contact us independently.  (You can do this via Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or just by using our email!)

We will also be altering our contact number soon so if you have used the prior contact number you can no longer reach us there.  We are always reachable via email however!

Until next month!

PhoenixFlame Healing Center

Friday, August 5, 2011

Chakra Throw Blanket!

When we originally made it it was just a "neat idea", but as the project progress we fell in love with not only the simplicity of the design but also the vibrant colors chosen for this piece.  We love it so much that we have used it in a few healing fairs we've attended and compliments are always given on it.  Well we're proud to say today that it was listed recently in a collection featuring chakra colored items on Artfire!  You can view the collection here.  Currently we only have one in stock, but more will be made to order upon request.  While we'd hate to see it go we know that it will be cherished and honored in its new home whenever it sells!  Like it?  Grab it before it's gone!

Thanks for stopping by!

PhoenixFlame Healing Center

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Healers are human too!

I recently (and only briefly) attended a meeting about a book (Practical Reiki) concerning Reiki written by a friend and mentor of mine Alice Langholt.  In the small portion of the event I was able to attend I can clearly recall her speaking on the importance of intention in using Reiki (and really any other healing for that matter).  I start this post off with this note because it sticks in the forefront of my mind as I'm thinking about what I have to say at the moment and how ironic it seems upon reflection...

When I started the healing center and everything associated with it (my practice, it's website, store, blog, and various social networking avenues) I had every intention on devoting some large amount of time and energy to it.  However, if you were to ask me what precisely this amount of time and energy was I doubt I could have given a set figure or full description.  Now it's two years later and looking back I don't feel that I could say I have lived up to what I was expecting of myself, but that doesn't mean I haven't done well.  It also doesn't mean that I don't need to put forth more effort either.

With the birth of my son things have obviously been more than a little hectic.  As any new parents out there may well know, being a new parent is a full time job in and of itself and while many juggle full time jobs along with a number of other things and raising their child I seem to be having a bit of a time with it.  I could say this stems from having a hard time managing my time.  This may come as a shock to those who know me personally or those who have worked with me as I am ridiculously conscientious about getting things done and industrious to a level of insanity it seems.  On the other hand, it's not at all surprising given my personal knowledge about myself.  I could say that perhaps I'm "in over my head" with my expectations.  Afterall, I run two businesses, both of which have websites, blogs, stores, and various social networking presences including Facebook, Myspace (although who uses that anymore!), Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  Again this isn't surprising to those who know me well since I always seem to have "too much" on my plate and many don't understand how I can expect to get so much done...You could also say that it just has to do with the chaos of  dealing with a new life in the world.  One who literally knows nothing and must start from scratch with careful and patient guidance.  But there are plenty of people who manage it so why not me?

To be honest I think it's a combination of these things and other factors, some of which I may not really even be in the know about.  In the time since I have ventured out on my journey as a healer from deciding to become one many a year ago, to the advent of my Reiki training, and then the addition and study of various other healing related disciplines many things have changed in my personal life that in turn have and are affecting my professional life.  I have moved a number of times, moved on from many relationships both romantic and platonic, had some hard times as well as great ones, and find myself rediscovering myself and re-evaluating where I want to be and what I want to do.

Most notably is the venturing out into a program (the "Get Out of Your Way E-Course") created by Lissa Rankin that while somewhat focused on "fixing" your business or professional life in reality it is a true wholistic "re-vamp".  What I mean by this is that it can be applied to any and all areas of your life.  I'm about half way through the program and then came my son and since then I've taken a bit of a hiatus (somewhat against my will) and I find myself reflecting on the irony of stepping back from something I was "so sure" that I'd be through in a minimal amount of time.  I also find it funny that the area of the program I stopped at is right around the part speaking about caring for yourself (specifically your health).  I am looking and reflecting a lot on what I want for my own life, as well as observing quietly my health, that of my other half, noting it for some around me and realizing how much more I have stepped back than I realized.  What I meant to be a brief hiatus from my breakneck pace has turned into a way of life with several "speedbumps" serving to keep me slowed down (including some ill health, and just being so very tired, as well as being the primary caregiver to my son without having a real break - eg no time to do anything else!)

What all this says to me is that I'm human.  The importance of this message is not to be missed out on however since many people who come to health professionals may see them as "above" needing care.  Mistakenly thinking that because they practice they have it all figured out for themselves.  I can promise you this isn't the case.  Health and healing is a full time, life time job and every day we make choices that require us to re-evaluate our health and lifestyle decisions (even though many of us do not evaluate ourselves that much).  But this is okay.  Really, it is - because being a good healer isn't about being perfect and having all the answers.  In fact you could say a big part of it is knowing when you don't have the answer and having the courage to admit it and the will to figure it out (or at least try).  The pathway to healing the self is not a straight line but rather a meandering way and it's a bit like a shifting labyrinth for every choice we make affects the end point so it's not even possible to fully map it out - there are so many unknowns.  Still, that too is okay.  So if you're a healer and finding yourself struggling, breathe, relax, and be gentle with yourself.  It really is okay to find yourself in a rut or a lurch sometimes.  That's just the Universe's way of telling you to try a different approach.  If you are a layperson know that your healer(s) are people too, just like you, with good days and bad days.

Thanks for tuning in!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kalends Messages for June!

A little behind the eight ball this month as the winding down of my pregnancy makes life a bit hectic as I'm trying to get things taken care of and learning some harsh lessons...but enough about me!

As an advisory note hearkening back to my just made statement with the advent of a new life and addition to my family things may slow to a bit of a crawl here at the healing center.  Babies take time and patience so he will be coming first.  That said, business here will continue otherwise as normal!  (We might even include some information about parenting, babies, and Reiki too!)

As has been our custom since opening the store on Artfire we've been working to add at least one product to the store front everyday.  Since our inventory is fairly low compared to the sister store Faith Works one a day is plenty without going to great excess and allows for steady progress.

If you noticed yesterday's post about "Healing Our Feminine Wounds" it seems like a bit of a change from the way things were before.  This change was brought on by the lovely inspiration of Lissa Rankin who supports and promotes "being authentically you" all the time.  Participating in an e-course with her and several other women about "Getting Out of Your Own Way" has had us rethinking some of the "standards" that have thus far been imposed here at the healing center and is causing us to re-think some approaches.  So starting "now" we're going to try and more fully adopt that philosophy here as well as well as personally.  What this will mean here is that while we will still strive to remain positive as much as possible you may see notes that relate to the less than  positive side of the "human condition".  Originally we sought to avoid such posts altogether, not desiring to "spread" any negativity by talking about it - but while we wish to keep part of that up, instead of avoiding the dirty laundry we are going to deal with it as it comes and share it - and with is ways to deal with it via self-care etc.

From last month to this one we've finished our initial edits of the Alchemy Reiki Distance Course.  All of the original lesson plans have been made up and pre-typed for future students and as we are able to we will be re-vamping our instructor's manual.  (This will include the required reading of the Alchemy Reiki manual itself, re-formatted for neatness and structure but with all of the original information intact, and the addition of our personal write ups for the course, pre and post student evaluations and a space for notes.)  While this isn't necessarily relevant to students we want future instructors and other healers as well as students to have the chance to be aware of these changes!

Business hours on LivePerson have continued, though with some recent internet trouble some days have been shaky.

We're also hoping to get to that "more involvement" with our two charity projects that were mentioned last month!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Healing Our Feminine Wounds...

This post is directed specifically to talking about some of my own personal experience as a healer with menstrual issues and how I worked through mine.  In putting this out there I'm embracing some of my "authentic self" and putting it on display.

For me I have long been a misogynist.  As a woman this almost seems like a bit of a "hate crime".  But I have female friends, I have relatives and other female associates that I have no problems with.  It's the "gender in general" that irks me.  But the truth is not that I really hate women, I hate some of the negative things they engender.  The backstabbing, flakiness, oneupmanship and various other conniving and manipulative qualities some use.  This is not to say that men don't do the same things at times, and everyone has their "asshole" moments.  But as a woman I am intimately familiar with many of the inner workings of the female mind.  It honestly sickens me to a good point as well, how could they?!  While I tend to shy away from the strictly "traditional" thoughts on the feminine, I do not deny that they for many generations and in originality have been true.  The relation of the feminine to nurturing, the elements of water & earth (which nurture and help things grow), and the emotional are true to form in many cases.  While men can nurture, when they do it's often not in the same fashion of expression as the feminine.  And not every woman is "feminine" in these way.  Some are much more detached and model it seems after the traditional masculine forms more than the feminine.

But for the sense of being basic, we'll stick with "traditional" gender models.

This hatred I have long had, and really can't think of when I might have developed it but certain sometime during adolescence.  While I won't say that the seeds weren't planted by poor female modeling by my mother, the effects weren't set to bear until later.  Needless to say, around such time I also developed some very bad menstrual issues.  At the time I was not aware of any connection and knew virtually nothing about holistic health or viewing things in that way.  But now it seems "so clear" the issues with the feminine and my physical issues with what biologically makes me female.

For me my menstrual issues came in the form of intense pain at the beginning of each cycle of bleeding.  So intense that I had to miss school and work and would write on the floor.  I would scream and cry in pain and as it progressed through the year it became steadily worse.  I had even gotten to the point where I'd tried to knock myself unconscious just so I wouldn't feel the pain anymore.  I often commented that that was one of the one times where you didn't want to see me because I looked so bad.  And there was nothing I could do - no amount of over the counter medications would touch the pain and even a narcotic would merely take a small amount of the edge of and make me not care, but if I started moving around too much the pain would come in full force and it'd be just as bad as if I'd taken nothing.

While some things seemed to lessen it, it was more it not being exacerbated as much than it being lessened.  While many women crave chocolate (due to it having a chemical in it which is molecularly similar to something which supposedly helps to relax the muscles) for me it causes cramping and thusly the pain to be worse, to the nth degree.  Even the smallest amount of it - like a chocolate chip - will worsen the symptoms and the more I have the week prior the worse off I would be.  Even though I would often crave it and not clue into why at the time.  I also noticed that if I had a lot of dairy it would also worsen the symptoms a bit too.  So I learned to try and remember to avoid those things in excess the week before.  I wasn't always successful as I would often not even think about what I was doing at the time, but when I did remember it helped.  I also tried a supplement for a time called Maca Root - which helped some but again when I remembered to take it and I had to build it up a few days before and with an irregular menstruation it could be hard to tell exactly when it would happen.

However, despite the minimal relief these things seemed to afford me it wasn't enough and it didn't take even half of the issue away.  So for years I dreaded the time, tried to remember to avoid certain foods and just take it easy (it's also proven that certain exercises done right before menstruation can cause pain to be worse) and bear it.

Then one day, after I'd come to start working with and studying holistic healing I came across some literature speaking about the relation of certain emotions to the body and illnesses.  One example was the Chinese thought of the relation of fear & the kidneys.  (And incidentally that year I had been dealing with a lot of fear and had some very recurrent kidney problems...)  Continuing with this research I related to the uterus, and general female organs.  I gave it thought and realized that my hatred and issues with women were being transferred to my own body and the "female" parts of myself.  Also to note all of my life most of my "issues" seem to focus on the left side (versus the right) which is also related to the feminine.  The revelation was amazing to me at the time.  Despite being a very emotional person it had never occurred to me to connect my emotional state with how I physically felt, even though I knew there to be a connection on some level.

As I worked to come to terms with the issues, to realize my problem with women, acknowledge and sit with it and realize just what it was (that it wasn't really women but some of the negative stigmas I associated with the gender) I found a significant relief in my symptoms.  While they are not fully gone, I have really not worked as closely and deeply with releasing these feelings towards women.  But the relief is immense compared to everything else I have tried to date.

So while not every woman may have their menstrual issues, whatever they may be, due to the relation of how they deal with and feel about women, it's definitely interesting food for thought.  Another connection I've made is with anger and heartburn.  I often describe anger as "an acid that eats away at whatever it touches" to clients.  And from my severe issues with heartburn I realize that it is lack of compassion due to extreme inwardly turned anger (eg, I don't express my anger so it gets internalized), at myself and others, that is one of the causes of it.  Yes spicey foods, and for me too much sugar will also cause it, as will eating and then lying down.  But to have it without doing these things, without even have eaten there had to be something else and there it was.

So when you're feeling ill, in pain, etc I urge you to "sit with" that feeling.  Looking at it beyond the physical, what thoughts or feelings does it make you think of?  What would you relate it to?  Shame? Anger? Hate? Sorrow? Betrayal?  Think of where you might be harboring that feeling and see if it relates to the body area or a chakra related to the body area in question.  How long have you been feeling this?  Does it correlate to how long you've had the physical issue?  Does it seem to exacerbate it a problem that while it may have other causes, definitely is sometimes worse than other times...?  Really sit with and meditate with it and you might be well surprised at what you discover about yourself.

You are the healer, you are the power, You can do it!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kalends Messages for May!

It's the first of the month and we thought that it would be a great time to blog (and it's our update day too!)

Just moments ago I noticed a fluttering on the desk as I was checking up on our profile on LinkedIn (a website offering networking services to professionals) and saw a spider crawling from monitor to keyboard.  Now while preservation of life is a goal of mine being a healer and a bit of a pacifist, I detest spiders (and certain other creepy crawlies, like centipedes, you know the poisonous kind...)

My general rule used to be "live and let live", that was until I woke one day with a nasty bite on my side and couldn't figure out what it was and only a week and a half later figured out it was a spider bite (including a fang still stuck in my skin).  After that point I re-hashed my theories on what to do when such things invade my home. Now it goes along the mindset that if they are not bothering me and won't (too far away), or if I can shoo them carefully outside I will.  But they are not overly welcome in my home.  It may not be very nice, but in the interest of my health and not getting bitten again I find it's necessary.

While I squashed the little thing, it did cause me to reflect on the messages of Spider (and also means that a reference to it will be entered into the Guild's Book of Shadows today as well!)  So all in all Spider served it's purpose I believe, even if it resulted in an untimely demise.  Spiders in general are weavers, they spin their own silk and build homes, nests, and even traps from it.  They have many offspring (which symbolizes a proliferance of their influence), have 8 legs (alluding to numerological references including industriousness, and "getting things done", connection, networking, etc) among other things.  The message of course that stands out most to me is that of connections.  With their webs they are able to provide homes and hunting grounds, and while to us they may seem frail and fragile proportionally speaking the webs are very strong.  But day in and day out at times they must rebuild or repair these webs, they are ever constantly reviving and keeping their connections and there is something to be learned from that I say.

In this technological day and age we too can form connections (and need to) but ours are somewhat removed from the personal structure of that of Spider.  While the internet, phones, and other electronic technology allow us to communicate easily and quickly over large distances with people all over the world - there is a certain level of impersonal-ness to the communication.  We don't necessarily view the voice over the phone or text from the email as coming from a "real, live person" so much as an entity that we are acquainted with in some fashion.  I have commented on the joys and banes of technology before and thusly I feel they are this:  (joy) while they allow greater communication with people one otherwise would likely not have come across if you were restricted to merely in person meetings, (bane) they take out the "personal" factor in those connections many times.  They also cause us to be lazy about dealing with people.  It's that much easy to put off a phone call or an email since either will take seconds or mere moments to complete, whereas an in person meeting takes more orchestration and time.  While the benefits and ease of communication are absolutely wonderful, the quality of it is at times lacking.

So what does this all mean?  Why am I sitting here going on about it?  Perhaps it's time to take a step back or perhaps forward, and re-evaluate your connections.  Who are you connected with?  Why?  Can you strengthen this connection?  Should you?  Re-ascertain those connections that you do not want or that may not be good for you and release them.  Take the time to put effort into those connections that you do want to keep, perhaps even spend a bit more time getting to know or working with them.

In other news...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reiki Principles Cross Stitch - Pt 2

It seems that as is sometimes common I had an artistic brainfart and completely spaced out on a design element for this piece.  So essentially I'm starting from scratch.  The long and short of it is that for one I opted to improperly use my floss (using all 6 strands instead of the typical 2 - which lead to the stitching looking a lot thicker than it's supposed to as well as it using more thread less efficiently).  On another note when I originally mapped out the letters I did so by hand with a LOT of graph paper.  Needless to say there was some human error involved and I intended to just go with it but then later it turned from one error into many (which becomes frustrating if you tend towards perfectionism with your work as I often do).  Later I was graced with finding a cross stitch design program and have only just now recently entered the whole of the graph into it.  Before this I had used it here and there for smaller things but was not 100% familiar with all it could do (although I am much more so now).  Just as I finished mapping this particular graph out I figured out how to use the chart information given to calculate the finished size of graphs and I confirmed another flaw in my work - the aida I bought was too small (although I figured this out as I neared the end of the first line and was in the middle of a word...)

So with one flaw I could have kept going and fixed it, but with so many errors that eventually would lead to much larger ones I opted to start over and correct everything...the first correction of course would be not only to use the proper type of graph but also a large enough aida cloth...and then of course to use the thread  I had previously started with properly this time (meaning I would be taking apart the original piece as well).

Here's to progress....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cape Cod Prayer Shawl

First and foremost we would like to say that this is not our pattern and we don't claim any of the rights to it. As such we may have to remove this pattern from our blog but are unsure at the moment. However, we thought that it would be a nice gesture to share it with others so more people could benefit from this shawl!

Cape Cod Shawl
from Barbara St. Cyr
West Yarmouth, Massachusetts

This shawl - the Cape Cod version of the original prayer shawl pattern - came as a result of Barbara St. Cyr's Cape Cod-based Prayer Shawl Ministry misreading the knit three, purl three instructions. Instead of creating the intended Seed Stitch effect, their pattern turned out ribbed - and they liked it that way! It's show here in a beautiful silk and wool yarn, in a colorway that spoke Cape Cod to us.

There are many ways to finish this shawl. With the yarn used here, a simple fringe (see pp. 167-168) gains a unique texture. The group always added tassels (see p. 168) on every rib or crochets a scallop shell edging (see "Finishing" in Nursing Shawl pattern p. 99) continuing the Cape Cod theme. Barbara also suggests knitting two 4" by 5" pockets to sew on the outside of the shawl. Into these pockets, the Cape Cody ministry places blessed medals, charms, mini-rosaries, prayer cards, notes with blessings from the knitters, or card explaining the Prayer Shawl Ministry.

Skill Level: Easy

Finished Measurements: 65" long & 18" wide

Yarn: approximately 700 yd heavy worsted weight yarn
Shawl is show in Alchemy Yarns Wabi-Sabi (66% silk/64% wool; 86 yd/1.75 oz), 9 skeins #86c Slip Stream

Needles: size 11 straight or circular needles (or size needed to obtain gauge)

Gauge: 12 sts & 16 rows = 4" worked in pattern

CO 57 sts.

Row 1: *k3, p3, repeat from * to end of row, end k3.
Row 2: *p3, k3, repeat from * to end of row, end p3. (Note: You are knitting the knit sts and purple the purl sts to form a ribbed pattern.)

Repeat Rows 1 & 2 until shawl measures 65", or desired length.

Block shawl lightly to flatten ribbing because shawl will drawn in considerably.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Cleansed...Now What?

Doing some personal journals more thoughts came to me that warranted sharing here. Recently (over the last two days) I've had very rough mornings. However, I couldn't figure out why. After all, I do a basic cleansing of myself and my space every morning.

Then it dawned on I said in a previous post, when you get rid of something negative, you need to replace it with a positive. Otherwise you'll have a relapse. (And you can look to this fact for why going cold turkey, among other reasons, isn't really effective as well as why so many people "fall off the wagon" with various things.) When you get rid of something, particularly something you're use to having around, doing, or being you often leave a void. The longer you've had this a part of your life, the larger and more concrete the void is. And the easier it is to fall back into whatever bad habit you were trying to shake.

The same thing goes for energy. If you have negative feelings in your home eventually they start to grow there. While originally they may not have anything to do with you or your home life, like seeds being carried by a pollinator you track them into your space where they take root. Doing this over a period of time and you'll notice you have a "garden" of negative energy within your home. For those who are less obviously energetically sensitive you can notice this in other ways in the form of your home seeming to suddenly become cluttered physically, and through having bad feelings frequently while you're at home. (These apply if you already did not have these things going on.)

I often have people come to me asking about healing and feeling better and one of the first things I say to them is, "When was the last time you cleansed?" Most people are taken aback by this question as it is not something they considered would be any part of the problem. All too often it is one of the root causes. Like a media vampire, you've invited negative energy into your home and now, like a freeloader, it won't leave!

But, in serious cases, it's much deeper than that. What we address here is when you have realized this fact, started cleansing (over a reasonable period of time) and notice that while the air seems to clear, it comes right on back. Part of this is that with longer held thoughts and beliefs it takes longer to dispel them. You also need to look at whether you are consciously or unconsciously contributing to this negativity (this may take time and meditation to determine). But finally you need to realize that after you have cleansed, you need to invite positive energies into your space to continually displace the negative ones. Referring back to a course I participated in about "Raising Your Psychic Awareness" with Susan Hughes, I suggest burning Frankincense, Rose, or some other uplifting incense or oil after you've cleansed an area. Experiment with what you like and smells pleasant to you (as you will defeat the purpose if you can't stand how it smells while it's burning!)

While most of us within the healing community are taught the basics of cleansing, the need to uplift the energy afterwards is often not taught and then taken for granted. If you can't get ahold of a scent you can also try letting more natural light into you home or playing upbeat music. Whatever method you try be sure to hold the intention that this is what that action means - "you are raising the vibration of the space". After awhile you will consciously associate the actions with that thought and it will do the work for you.

Perfect by Comparison

If you're like me and so many others you know all too true that old habits really do die hard. As a woman in our society it becomes especially difficult to get over one trait in particular - comparison. But this trait isn't by any means unique to women only. People in general tend to compare, if not themselves, then what they have to that of others. For Christians out there there is the commandment to "not covet". But knowing you ought not do something and actually stopping yourself from doing it are not the same thing.

Take into consideration for a moment that all around us are examples of what society tells us we should be and have. Why aren't you happy? There is no surprise if you find yourself struggling with it if you take into consideration that we are literally inundated with reminders of what we don't have. How often have you seen a commercial or other advertisement that ever exalts the appreciation of what you do have? With the exception of charities and funds that tell you you have more than enough compared to some, now hand some of it over. (Yes that does sound a bit harsh, but that's essentially what is being said.) All commercials do is tell you what you don't have, what you should have, and list reasons (which may or may not be valid) of why you can't be happy, whole, or complete without what it is they are selling.

First off, know that this is normal and that it's okay. Congratulate yourself on seeing the behavior and habits for what they are and release them. Now with any addiction, behavior, or otherwise repetitive action you can't just stop it and expect it to never rear it's ugly head again. So part of many therapies that are affective is the replacement of the negative action with a positive and/or differing action. For your own good though, you want to make sure that the action or behavior you are replacing it with is actually a positive one rather than just another habit you'll have to kick later! Gratitude is a great place to start! Instead of thinking and dwelling on what you don't have turn your attention to what you do have. What are you grateful for? What positives do you have in your life right now? Focus intently on these things and how they make you feel. Do not entertain any thoughts of, "well I would be happier if I had this". If you don't like something in your life get rid of it. Give it to charity or throw it away - this applies to intangible things as well - such as negative or limiting beliefs.

In the case of the intangibles you can use a simple grounding exercise to let go of these things anytime they try to crop up. Envision yourself from the perspective of someone outside looking in. With your visualized self's eyes closed see the negative thoughts and energy that surround and permeate your aura as a kind of dark cloud. Then watch as they drain away, like water down a sink, into the earth. Know that this action is effortless and there is not strain or drain on your energy when you do this. Then see lighter, brilliant white (or any color that is suitable to you) light rise up from the earth, through your feet, energizing you. See your visualized self smile as you feel energized yourself. Take a few deep, even breaths and bring your awareness back into your body.

Repeat this grounding exercise, or any other that suits you, when you feel depleted, angry, sad, or want to let go of something negative.

Maintaining Mindfulness

While engaging in my yoga practice this morning I noticed a lot of "buzzing" in our mind. You know, those constant thoughts that flit from one thing to another rather than focusing on the task at hand. I found myself thinking of the next pose, thinking about how rough and unpleasant my morning started out, what was the pose after the next, and so on. This buzzing called me to attention as I realized that I was not focusing on my yoga practice, instead I was feeding distractions attention and merely making it worse. At the point that I got to my rotation of Tadasana into Trikonasana & Chandrasana (on both sides) I decided to take some meditative action to bring my awareness back to the present moment and on what I was doing. Since my mind was buzzing and focusing on unpleasant things the imagery that came to mind was the top of a pond that had a sort of scum on it. I mentally skimmed the surface and then threw a rock into the pond to disturb any remnants of my "scummy thoughts" and clear the surface. The rock sank down to the pond's bottom and the ripples subsided. I felt my mind calm a bit.

Focusing on small meditations to alleviate "mental buzzing" can be affective, but sometimes it still pulls us away from the "here & now" (which is the only place we are ever truly at, and thus is a place we need to actively be a part of!)

As I found my mind buzzing again, though not as much as before, I pulled my awareness "into" the pose I was doing at the moment. For example, I got to Viparita Karani (my second to last pose) and focused on the sensation of my legs against the wall, of the blood feeling as if it was receeding like a tide, my head on the pillow, and my arms gently relaxed at my sides. Pulling one's awareness into what one is doing to really "feel" the moment brings awareness and a greater sense of peace. The key is not to interfere, but to observe. As I moved to a variation of Savasana, which is a restorative pose, I noticed my heart rate was much quicker than it normally was for this posture. I considered the fact that I had just gotten up and moved across the room from one asana to the next and instead of remaining alarmed at my "doing the pose wrong" I chose to merely observe and allow it pass. I took a few extra seconds in the pose facing both directions and found myself and my heart rate back to where it usually was at the end of the pose.

Control is a dangerous thing and often inhibits us from really "being" in the moment. We wish things to be a certain way because of expectations rather than allowing things to just be. This control causes a struggle with us against the world, and we go from being and existing to pulling and pushing. This causes mental as well as physical strain on our minds and bodies and depletes our energy stores. So next time you feel flustered or frustrated that things are not going as planned. Or you find yourself endlessly running through thoughts and lists as you perform some task take a mental step backwards from yourself. See what you are doing mentally versus physically and let them re-integrate so that you are focusing on the task at hand and being present.

Monday, February 14, 2011

When to Say "No"...

We all know them, they are dear friends, family, co-workers, and sometimes even ourselves. They are not necessarily any type or sort of person in general, and they may be old or young, male or female. These people always have "something" going on in their lives. And not just something, but something awful, negative. Something bad has befallen them at all times. These people are draining to be around to all around them.

The problem is that despite this fact they are generally not bad people. They may even wish to have a better life, but they repeatedly pull themselves back into the mire and do the same to others. They actively choose to only see the negative in their lives. When you speak to them and interact with them, despite all your efforts to be positive with them they continue to hold on only to the negative.

A simple fact of life is that we all choose what befalls us. Many people do not like to think about this or believe it. They feel that the negative of their lives are merely misfortunes and they may have no part in the direction their life takes. This is far from the truth, for even if we are not aware of the choices that we are making we are making them nonetheless. Regardless of our awareness we make choices subconsciously everyday. Even more than this we have made one ultimate and all important choice, and that is our life lesson before we come to the plane and inhabit this body. It colors our lives from start to finish for our entire life has strands within it at all times. But regardless of whether you hold this truth as your own truth, the basis of it is always there. That of choice.

We choose to see the events and circumstances in our lives in a certain light. We choose to label things as "good" or "bad". Instead of seeking the positive actively, consciously as well as unconsciously, we focus on our inability to control all aspects of our world around us. Choice is always in our power however. And when we relinquish that power we fall victim to the choices of all others around us. So take back your power today by choosing to see what is good and worthwhile in your life - be they people, circumstances, tangible or intangible. Actively put your intentions out there of what you want and move towards it purposefully with every step.

For those in your life who prefer to stay victims have caution around them and know when to say "No." Know that in saying "no" you are not being mean or a bad person, but you are doing what is right for yourself. Understand that in allowing yourself to feel responsible for this other person you enable them to continue along the path they are choosing. While walking away from them and telling "no" may not be easy, it is the only way for you to really help them.

If you are a healer, in any respect of the word (energy worker, counselor, clergy, etc), you likely attract these kinds of people. They say they want your help, they come to you forlorn and downtrodden but they never really take responsibility for their lives. You will see them time and time again and if they are not suffering the same problems, they are suffering something else. It is a neverending cycle that they perpetuate actively (consciously or unconsciously). At the point that these people return to you and you feel them draining you (whether you are a healer or not) they are active as energy vampires.

To combat their influence over you you need to examine your association with them. You may need to simply cut ties with them, if they are not someone you are close to or deal with on a regular basis. This will likely need to be done both physically as well as mentally. It will not necessarily be an easy task, but it will be a necessary one. If you know this person personally and on an intimate level there will be that much more to work through to separate yourself from them. You will need to cut your ties, but you will need to strengthen yourself again further involvement with them. If you know and care about this person you may feel as though you are abandoning them, but again all of your involvement in their life serves as reinforcement to them that what they are doing, how they are living is okay. You will need to shield yourself from further influence from them, and may need to perform the "cutting" of your ties several times over to establish this.

Dealing with energy vampires and other emotionally or mentally draining people:
  • Establish good shielding techniques to prevent ties from being formed.
  • Learn to say "no".
  • Cut ties with those who are draining you. Repeat as necessary.
There is no set way to to shield or cut ties with others. You should follow your intuition in what suits you best. Some people are visual and can successfully visualize things. Others need a more physical impetus, such as a set ritual with gestures and motions to go through. Try suggestions of others over a period of time to see what works best for you, but do not be afraid to alter things to work better for yourself.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Importance of Knowing Your Limitations...Part 1?

Whether this will be a multi-part entry or not is uncertain, what is certain is the importance of it's message. I sit here finishing up an article concerning teaching yoga and some things it calls upon you to consider and I find myself reading some wonderful quotes that any teacher in any field can benefit from:

"But teaching is a tapas—a fire that burns away impurities. It can burn away your impurities, particularly in the realm of relationships with others. You can no longer remain blind to how your attitudes prevent openness and trust. You learn to see, care for, and appreciate your students as individuals with struggles and questions not unlike your own. Teaching can help you become a better person."

As a teacher I deal with communicating healing as well as working with occult practices, such as Tarot, Astrology, and Numerology. In teaching I agree very heartily that it takes all kinds, but as much as it does, it takes a certain kind. A good teacher listens as much, if not more than, they speak. They know as much how to read between the lines and to effectively direct students as they do to note subtle cues in tone, mannerisms, and body language.

When I teach I try my best to be thorough, to anticipate the questions and to as fully and capably explain things before questions are dealt with in order to minimize them. But teaching is about communication, interaction, and how you do this is as important as how you choose to teach. Being flexible is key, knowing your limitations is also key. You may prefer to work with a particular group, you may have issues working with another. While it's always your prerogative to teach as you will to whom you will, analyzing these pitfalls and shortcomings is a learning experience necessary to become an even better instructor.

It's okay to have trouble, and it's even more okay to share those troubles with your students. Showing that you too are human and make mistakes will often make others feel at ease. Many teachers may feel that they need to live up to a certain "high and mighty" ideal. That they should be the perfect embodiment of what they are teaching or what their knowledge displays. But as is said, "the very wise know they know nothing". In regards to teaching meditative topics, healing, and certain metaphysical subjects it is imperative that you continue your own self study in the process. You should get something from your students and your teaching of them, just as they (apart from the knowledge you are trying to disseminate) should get something from learning with you.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Learning to Let Go...

Often times we get it in our minds that problems that arise in our lives need to be "fixed". While maintaining a certain standard or level of equilibrium is nice sometimes things just don't work out how we plan. It's often the natural desire of most modern people to rush headlong into the fray and forcibly make something happen. This negates the purpose of such "inconveniences" however.

Difficulties occur to teach us lessons throughout life. Often times we are given much simpler ways to learn these lessons but we balk at them. This may be done either knowingly or unknowingly. When messages are not received or heeded they can "clog" our vision. This leads to energetic upsets and imbalances that may affect the mental, emotional, physical, and even spiritual bodies. Learning to spot these occurrences where we need to "let go & step back" is integral to being able to move forward and learn what we have been tasked by Spirit to learn.

How do you do this though? For those who like control, this is will likely be a lesson in and of itself.

As stated, recognition is the first step, but beyond that we must put use what we are recognizing in a real and true form.

  • Trust in yourself (to make the best choices and decisions in regards to your situation) and in things greater than yourself (Spirit, the Universe, God, Goddess, etc) are the next steps. They are also perhaps the hardest. Trusting that you will come out alright, stronger, and better is a hard thing to do when the future is uncertain and there are many variables seen and unseen.
  • Use affirmations and hold the intention that, "Everything will turn out according to the best possible outcome for the highest good." Leave your doubts and fears aside, acknowledging them but detaching from them. Do not hold expectations of a certain or specific outcome as that may impede your progress if it is not truly for the "highest good".
  • After this simply allow. Allow all that is supposed to happen to happen, allow yourself to take guided action towards the your goal, and allow yourself to accept what does manifest.

While this is no easy task and not likely one you will surmount immediately, actively working at this will lead to ease in performing within this line of thought in the future.

Blessings & Good Luck!