Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Butterfly Medicine...

I have been thinking a lot lately of Butterfly. Butterfly is one of the totems that I work closely with and one that holds fascination for many. For me the first communication with my "Higher Self" was in the form of a Monarch Butterfly, she called herself Naware. I took my name as a healer in honor of my connection to my inner god-force/Higher Self.

Butterfly medicine (to me) bespeaks of a soft gentleness. The fragility and strength of life. It communicates movement, and taking in the sweetness of life. Transformation and it's creative and restorative powers are also figured deep within traditional views of Butterfly.

I wrote a "prayer" (or invocation if you like) to Butterfly that I will share with you now:

Butterfly Woman
share your medicine with me
show me the fragile gentleness of life
and the brilliance of your delicate flight

Let me know the freedom of the wind
and drink of the sweet nectar of creation

Transform me beyond my physical bonds
No longer looking up in wonder
Bound to my Earthly home

Creature of fire & light
Bless me with your wisdom
To Be as I am & Nothing More
Butterfly Woman
Naware 12/29/2009

Taking Time to Take Care (of Ourselves)

Barring having a selfish fit, or what one might call one, many who are caregivers spend the majority of their time caring for everyone else but themselves. It's silly that we do that, but it's all too common. This happens for any number of rationalized reasons, but in the end they really are all excuses. And these excuses further toxify our personal Universes by procreating and replicating and otherwise "gunking up" the system.

With the new year literally days away I urge you to make a change for yourself, and ultimately for the betterment of your own Universe, by making yourself a priority. What better way to honor the Divine Spark within you than to care for yourself? Why not be the bigger person and learn when to say "No". It's okay, they'll live. I'm not talking about shucking all of your responsibilities in one fell swoop (unless that's what you feel guided to do), I'm talking about rethinking how you operate. For what better way to care for others than to show them how it's done? Be a great example!

Friday, December 25, 2009

What to look for...

It is my decision, after considering long and hard whether to or not to, that I will be sharing some of my own personal experiences in healing through this blog.

There will still be postings that will be directed for others to reflect on, but they will also be punctuated by lessons I myself am learning or have learned to support the healing process of the community.

Updates for the healing center's website will also be featured here, with links as well.

PhoenixFlame Healing Center

A Healthy Dose of Truth & Honesty...

Be real, be truthful and honest.

Why are you here - what has brought you to this page and these reflections?

I sit here, drum in my lap, sage burning heartily in my cauldron censer to my left. The shade is open to the room, but the windows are shut and the lights are out. "Catfish Muse" plays in the background, serving as a gentle backdrop to this peaceful time.

I will be honest with you. I am feeling called, called and pulled to share my thoughts with you and hope that in our sharing something can be learned by us both.

If you will it, it will come. But that's a mighty big "if" now isn't it. Think to my first question, nay, the first part of it. Why are you here? It is my belief that ultimately and in the end we are all here to learn. To gain some experience through our physical incarnations that we will take back with us at our rest. It will not be just one lesson, and it may not be complex either. With each soul it will be something different.

In my cosmology, we choose our one "great truth" to learn for each lifetime. We will learn others along the way, for life is too varied and full for us not to get more than one thing out of it - if we are wise. But in the learning of the "great truth" we've set for ourselves, our lives will end. (Or if in ending we will finally learn it.)

To get anything out of something you must first put into it. We must nurture ourselves and others if we are to grow. And nurturing does not come with harsh words or criticism. When we nurture ourselves (and others) we are aware, we are kind, and observing. We know when to step forward and when to step back. With any healing sometimes the need for healing is the healing in and of itself. Sometimes our pain and discomfort is the All trying to show us what is really going on in our lives, and that we need to change. Whereas we may rush to "fix" what is wrong, it is often done without considering what is so "wrong" in our eyes. It is my belief that this is part of what is going on when we seem to seek help and the help does nothing for us. The other part of that equation comes solely from us. Sometimes we tell ourselves we want something, but the reality is that we "want" it because we feel we should, so unbeknownst to even ourselves we cling to that which we really just need to let go. The guise of familiarity is a persuasive voice. It goads us to come back and chides us if we try to break free. It disguises itself as our own selves, attempting to cloak it's slippery words in reason. It is the Ego, ever trying to keep us in the same place. What we must do is make demands of ourself to go above and beyond our physical selves. Make a commitment to the higher good of our souls and move forward with purpose.

We may not always understand the journey, but the road is always there - even when we cannot see it. Trust and you will see the way through.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Psychic Vision Dreamcatcher

Recently I did some healing for a close friend via distance. One of the concerns of this person was nightmares she had been having. During the healing I received a psychic vision of this dreamcatcher. I was being directed to make this for her. Originally I made it in the astral and sent it to her, but thought to myself that I could definitely make something like this in the physical. And voila! It's my first one, and really more of an experiment than anything else. But it turned out nicely and I have utter faith and confidence that it will be just what she needs.

This particular dreamcatcher was made with 12 gauge aluminum wire (black and silver) to allow for me to shape the frame as I wished. The webbing is made from 20 lb black hemp cord with hematite chips strung in 3 different places. At the bottom are three lengths of wire with 3 smoky quartz chips each on them and a red tailed hawk feather. The dreamcatcher was blessed with Reiki and all of the spirits of each of the items involved in making it were asked to bless it with their energies.

After having made one, I will definitely be making more - but also accept custom requests as well!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Chakra Throw! - Part 3

And so folks it's finally done, I'm super proud and excited about it and it's just plain gorgeous!

I hope you love it as much as I do!

Chakra Throw! - Part 2g

And finally the Crown Chakra, which rules over our connectivity to the outside world on a spiritual level, our connection to all higher spiritual beings, the Divine within and without...

Chakra Throw! - Part 2f

The Third Eye or Brow Chakra rules over our psychic senses, it also deals with intuition, and foresight...

Chakra Throw! - Part 2e

The Throat Chakra is our center for creative expression as well as listening...

Chakra Throw! - Part 2d

The Heart Chakra is green or pink (I personally envision it both like a pink rose bud), but for the purposes of this project we kept it simple. This chakra deals with love, obviously, love for anything, including the giving and receiving of love on personal and impersonal levels (although love could be thought of as always being personal...)

Chakra Throw! - Part 2c

The Solar Plexus Chakra is yellow and centered in the middle of the torso. Here we will find issues related to power, how we feel about ourselves, and the use of this knowledge...

Chakra Throw! - Part 2b

The Sacral Chakra is generally thought of as orange. It deals with our creative centers and feelings concerned to creation (both of life and other things). Emotions about certain things are related to here.

Chakra Throw! - Part 2a

This is the first sub part of the 7 that will feature all of the color blocks in the throw. I thought this would take longer to make than it did, but I was so excited about it, I couldn't put it down, as you'll soon see why!

The Root Chakra - typically seen as red, it deals with feelings of security and groundedness...

<3 Handmade!

Hey you guys, our sister shop "Faith Works" just posted a video for Etsy's "Handmade Moment"! Come view, and vote (for us)!

Thanks for all of your support!


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Women's Chant

I wrote this some time ago but I think that it is appropriate and well worth sharing here! Enjoy!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cleansing/Clearing Guidelines

Cleansing is the systematic removal of negative or unwanted energies from the body's systems and subtle energy fields.

Clearing is the same as cleansing but is the generally used term when talking about Reiki and other healing modalities.

Both terms may be used interchangeably.

Cleansing/clearing can be done in a variety of ways:
  • via intention
  • in a ritual setting
  • with light
  • with color
  • with sound
  • through visualization
  • via Reiki (or other healing)
  • using the earth or trees
  • using water (or saltwater)
  • with herbs (like green tea)
  • with stones
  • guided meditations (written or recorded)
  • breath work/pranayama
  • a combination of the above

How you cleanse comes down to a matter of personal preference. The best plan of action is to try one method steadily over a set period of time. (This will depend on the frequency of your cleansings.) At first you may notice a little to no difference. Your level of energetic awareness may cause you not to be aware of the subtle changes in your energy field. However, an easy way to gauge whether there is a difference is to pay attention to your mood on a day-to-day basis. Do you notice any changes? Are you happier than usual, or less stressed? If over a reasonable period of time, you do not notice a difference, feel the same, or feel worse you may need to A) cleanse more frequently or B) try another technique. In the case of needing to cleanse more frequently. You may notice a "slight" change or one that seems temporary. In the latter case there will be no impact at all. You may also choose to cleanse in a different manner out of preference or necessity (eg. you cannot burn incense in your apartment). Be aware that you will be starting from scratch and will have to reassess.

Building your cleansing schedule is perhaps even more important than choosing how you will cleanse. Even a great method done sporadically or infrequently may not yield much in results. (However, every little bit does help!) Some suggestions for a cleansing schedule:

  • monthly - 1x a month (you may pick a special day or date like the first Sunday or the 10th)
  • bi-monthly - 2x month (this may be every 2 weeks or timed with the Full and New Moons)
  • weekly - (you may choose a certain day of the week)
  • daily - (any time of the day, consistently)

It is important that you initially choose a time that works for you, so you can do this exercise at the same time each time. In the case of emergencies and scheduling changes, remake your schedule to fit the changes as soon as possible (if this will likely be a regular change). If is is a one time event, merely do your cleansing as soon as possible.

Bottom line, cleansing is about intention. Sometimes this intention is connected with a certain action and therefore that action takes on the meaning of "cleansing" to you. There is no absolute right or wrong - you should do what works for you!

June 11, 2009
~ Spiritual Healer ~
Reverend, Reiki Master Teacher

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Herbalist logo for Oak Grove Healing Center

And at long last, after taking a bit of what seemed to have been a hiatus from the internet on a "daily" fashion the logo is finally done! Though still to be considered a WIP (work in progress) all that is left is the edging of each "patch" respectively and then the attaching to the bag (or a bag rather since that is still not quite set in stone). BUT the great news is that the piece is done period! A somewhat experiment on my part, I took an Herbalist friend of mine's logo and converted it into a cross stitch design. Part of the challenge was that the original picture was not bigger than a half dollar coin... For that led to the stretching and skewing of some of the coloring and then it was decided that the colors would be simplified for this initial design with 3 shades for the "green" areas and 3 for the "red" areas and gray to outline (it was originally black but you couldn't tell after it got stretched...)

And voila!

*Original logo (c) James Muscato, made for Oak Grove Healing Center's Herbalist Rev. Nicole Lendman. Cross stitch logo designed by Aradia Goseling of Faith Works for PhoenixFlame Healing Center.*

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dealing With Negative Thinking - Reiki Style!

Next time you have a moment of doubt, worry, or fear. Stop and take a step back from the situation. Where are these thoughts really coming from? Is it a place of love and truth where your Higher Self resides or is it your Ego?

Acknowledge that these thoughts exist and detach yourself from them saying - "You do not define my experience, that is for my own choosing."

Then send Reiki to the problem area, and yourself (if you desire). Smile happily to yourself and thank Spirit/Source/the Universe that you were given this opportunity to heal this issue.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tarot Code of Ethics

This is also something you'll find on the healing center's website - but I just had to put it up here to share with those who follow me *_*. A great read I think for anyone interested in reading tarot professionally (or at all really). I have my own amendments to it at the bottom, as per my credentials and beliefs.

Diane Wilkes’ Tarot Code of Ethics

I primarily use the tarot as a multi-level instrument to assess and explore your personal and professional concerns. Once we have delved into all aspects of your issue, we can determine potential actions and belief patterns that can serve as transformative, positive solutions.

My focus is not predictive, but I can’t deny that the tarot is an oracle, as well as a tool for self-assessment and self-help. My method of reading is to concentrate on interpreting the cards, based on my years of study and my intuition. Any forecasting derives naturally from that point of convergence.
We’re all blessed with free will, and a tarot reading provides a studio portrait of the future, based on matters remaining the same as they are at the time of the reading. If you don’t like the photography, you have the power to redo the picture to your personal satisfaction.

Tarot is a symbolic language. Each card has multiple potential meanings, depending on the surrounding cards. The Death card (No. 13) does not mean actual physical death. I translate the language of tarot, and work with you to achieve clarity, and a sense of preparedness and confidence, to face whatever issues have arisen. My role is to empower those who come to me for tarot readings, not scare you or assure of my “powers”.

I am a tarot reader, not a doctor, lawyer, or financial advisor. I recommend that you seek professional advice on any medical, legal, or financial matters. I will never offer to remove a curse or perform a magic spell for money. I urge you to avoid any tarot reader who offers these services to you. Scam artists reflect badly on legitimate, ethical tarot readers. I urge you to use common sense when choosing either.

It is my pleasure and my responsibility to treat every seeker with warmth, sensitivity, and compassion. I hold your tarot reading, and any information you reveal, in the strictest confidence. I am not entitled, nor do I want, to judge your past, present, and/or future actions. Any decisions that you choose to make based on the reading are your responsibility. Please do not see me as an oracle. The tarot is an oracle; I am the human interpreter, and as such, fallible. The tarot cards, like the planets, impel. They do not compel. You are the one who holds your future in your hands.


Now though this code of ethics is wonderful I do feel that I need to alter it because some of my own experiences and guidance follow otherwise. Therefore I have included this amendment to clarify for my own personal practice for those people who seek my counsel so that they are aware of how I work.

A few amendments to this code of ethics…

I am a counselor, minister, health & wellness professional. And while fallible, I consider myself thorough enough to get my clients the right answer the first time (but as is mentioned with Chaos Theory & Medicine some trial and error may be required!) I will refer you to others should my expertise and ability to handle a certain subject not meet a certain standard, and any advice on a subject is given with my own experience and training involved (eg I will let you know whether something is a personal or professional opinion, etc).

As a “Witch for Hire” I also do some spell or ritual work and consultation for the performance thereof. I am a teacher, so I guide. As a counselor I listen and provide alternative viewpoints and solutions. As a minister I can help you nurture your spiritual body to allow you to bolster yourself in times of need - the times when there is no one available and the times when personal strength and faith are most important. However, though I may intermingle these services depending on a client’s need, I operate independently with each of them. When I am advising on spell work I am telling you as Witch not Oracle. You may inquire as to the outcome of a spell via a tarot reading - but that is another matter altogether.

Regardless of my station. Due to my expertise and/or experience in a given field or with a subject I am here to offer you a service.

Rev. Naware, RMT

Crystal Use & Care at Home

I just put up this article on the healing center's webpage, but I also wanted to make it available here too for those who are following via my blog or frequent it more!


Crystal Use & Care at Home
Rev. Naware, RMT
20 May 09

Clear crystal in a manner that is appropriate with the type of care it can receive.
Sit and meditate with crystal. How does it feel in your hands? What thoughts come to mind? How does it make you feel ? (Good, Bad, Energized, Drained?)
Read over information on the crystal. Take and compare notes to your own personal reflections.
Charge your crystal for its specific healing purpose (may be more than one.)
Place crystal where needed.
Clear after use. You may wish to re-attune the crystal, but this is not required. Unless you will be changing what it will be used for.

Anytime a crystal changes hands however, it needs to be at least cleared and possibly re-attuned. Be sure to check for compatibility with the stone (see Step 2).

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We Want Your Input!!!

That's right, this blog post will be all about the readers! Just leave a comment below! Prompt: How has Reiki changed your life? We're excited to hear about it!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Your Life is What You Make of It...

My love and compassion to you all!

But even I have limitations. I cannot change your life for you, anymore than I can change our outlook. As a healer I am a teacher and a guide. A helping hand and a listening ear. But I am not you. I can show you a vast array of tools that you can use to move forward and go above and beyond your wildest dreams. But you must use them.

I have known, personally, many folks in my own life who seem always down. Whose lives are "always hard" and filled with "can'ts". And though my heart goes out to those with struggles, I know from my own that the only one to look to for their source is the self. Ego drives us with falsehoods and promises, lies and deceit. Causing and nurturing fear, worry, and doubt. All in the name of preserving itself.

How could anything that promotes such feelings be good? Is that really acting in your highest good, or anyone's for that matter? It certainly is not.

So cast off your chains and stop being a slave to Ego. Turn your back to the morose clouds, and bitter sentiments. Allow the sun to stream across your face, reminding you it is a new day, a better day and more will follow - if you just allow them.

You have every ability to change your life, to welcome the magnificent and you can, if you but "will".

In the words of "The Secret" 's Creative Process: Ask, believe, and receive!

Heart Health

Often times we undergo pain in our heart because of things we do to ourselves. Negative thoughts and emotions are like toxins to our hearts and can lead to dis-ease and injury to the heart.

Some ideas to help you keep your heart healthy...

Carry Rose Quartz or Rhodochrosite around with you. You may wear either of these over the heart chakra (located over your physical heart).

Think loving thoughts.

Give yourself a hug, a really big one.

Think of all of the reasons why you're a great person.

Meditate on unconditional love, gentleness, and acceptance.

Visualize the Celtic tree symbol for Birch/Beith over your heart. One of Birch's qualities is gentleness.

Cultivate an awareness of how you act and what it says about how you feel about yourself.

Being too hard on yourself and having unrealistic expectations do not strengthen your heart. Practicing random acts of kindness, giving a hug to someone in need, and demonstrating "loving" actions just because allow us to more fully open our hearts and allow the loving energy of the Universe to flow in, further strengthening and healing our hearts.

And remember, You are great and wonderful, and the world wouldn't be the same without you in it! Thank you for being you!