Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Butterfly Medicine...

I have been thinking a lot lately of Butterfly. Butterfly is one of the totems that I work closely with and one that holds fascination for many. For me the first communication with my "Higher Self" was in the form of a Monarch Butterfly, she called herself Naware. I took my name as a healer in honor of my connection to my inner god-force/Higher Self.

Butterfly medicine (to me) bespeaks of a soft gentleness. The fragility and strength of life. It communicates movement, and taking in the sweetness of life. Transformation and it's creative and restorative powers are also figured deep within traditional views of Butterfly.

I wrote a "prayer" (or invocation if you like) to Butterfly that I will share with you now:

Butterfly Woman
share your medicine with me
show me the fragile gentleness of life
and the brilliance of your delicate flight

Let me know the freedom of the wind
and drink of the sweet nectar of creation

Transform me beyond my physical bonds
No longer looking up in wonder
Bound to my Earthly home

Creature of fire & light
Bless me with your wisdom
To Be as I am & Nothing More
Butterfly Woman
Naware 12/29/2009

Taking Time to Take Care (of Ourselves)

Barring having a selfish fit, or what one might call one, many who are caregivers spend the majority of their time caring for everyone else but themselves. It's silly that we do that, but it's all too common. This happens for any number of rationalized reasons, but in the end they really are all excuses. And these excuses further toxify our personal Universes by procreating and replicating and otherwise "gunking up" the system.

With the new year literally days away I urge you to make a change for yourself, and ultimately for the betterment of your own Universe, by making yourself a priority. What better way to honor the Divine Spark within you than to care for yourself? Why not be the bigger person and learn when to say "No". It's okay, they'll live. I'm not talking about shucking all of your responsibilities in one fell swoop (unless that's what you feel guided to do), I'm talking about rethinking how you operate. For what better way to care for others than to show them how it's done? Be a great example!

Friday, December 25, 2009

What to look for...

It is my decision, after considering long and hard whether to or not to, that I will be sharing some of my own personal experiences in healing through this blog.

There will still be postings that will be directed for others to reflect on, but they will also be punctuated by lessons I myself am learning or have learned to support the healing process of the community.

Updates for the healing center's website will also be featured here, with links as well.

PhoenixFlame Healing Center

A Healthy Dose of Truth & Honesty...

Be real, be truthful and honest.

Why are you here - what has brought you to this page and these reflections?

I sit here, drum in my lap, sage burning heartily in my cauldron censer to my left. The shade is open to the room, but the windows are shut and the lights are out. "Catfish Muse" plays in the background, serving as a gentle backdrop to this peaceful time.

I will be honest with you. I am feeling called, called and pulled to share my thoughts with you and hope that in our sharing something can be learned by us both.

If you will it, it will come. But that's a mighty big "if" now isn't it. Think to my first question, nay, the first part of it. Why are you here? It is my belief that ultimately and in the end we are all here to learn. To gain some experience through our physical incarnations that we will take back with us at our rest. It will not be just one lesson, and it may not be complex either. With each soul it will be something different.

In my cosmology, we choose our one "great truth" to learn for each lifetime. We will learn others along the way, for life is too varied and full for us not to get more than one thing out of it - if we are wise. But in the learning of the "great truth" we've set for ourselves, our lives will end. (Or if in ending we will finally learn it.)

To get anything out of something you must first put into it. We must nurture ourselves and others if we are to grow. And nurturing does not come with harsh words or criticism. When we nurture ourselves (and others) we are aware, we are kind, and observing. We know when to step forward and when to step back. With any healing sometimes the need for healing is the healing in and of itself. Sometimes our pain and discomfort is the All trying to show us what is really going on in our lives, and that we need to change. Whereas we may rush to "fix" what is wrong, it is often done without considering what is so "wrong" in our eyes. It is my belief that this is part of what is going on when we seem to seek help and the help does nothing for us. The other part of that equation comes solely from us. Sometimes we tell ourselves we want something, but the reality is that we "want" it because we feel we should, so unbeknownst to even ourselves we cling to that which we really just need to let go. The guise of familiarity is a persuasive voice. It goads us to come back and chides us if we try to break free. It disguises itself as our own selves, attempting to cloak it's slippery words in reason. It is the Ego, ever trying to keep us in the same place. What we must do is make demands of ourself to go above and beyond our physical selves. Make a commitment to the higher good of our souls and move forward with purpose.

We may not always understand the journey, but the road is always there - even when we cannot see it. Trust and you will see the way through.