Friday, October 16, 2009

Psychic Vision Dreamcatcher

Recently I did some healing for a close friend via distance. One of the concerns of this person was nightmares she had been having. During the healing I received a psychic vision of this dreamcatcher. I was being directed to make this for her. Originally I made it in the astral and sent it to her, but thought to myself that I could definitely make something like this in the physical. And voila! It's my first one, and really more of an experiment than anything else. But it turned out nicely and I have utter faith and confidence that it will be just what she needs.

This particular dreamcatcher was made with 12 gauge aluminum wire (black and silver) to allow for me to shape the frame as I wished. The webbing is made from 20 lb black hemp cord with hematite chips strung in 3 different places. At the bottom are three lengths of wire with 3 smoky quartz chips each on them and a red tailed hawk feather. The dreamcatcher was blessed with Reiki and all of the spirits of each of the items involved in making it were asked to bless it with their energies.

After having made one, I will definitely be making more - but also accept custom requests as well!