Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reiki Principles Cross Stitch - Pt 2

It seems that as is sometimes common I had an artistic brainfart and completely spaced out on a design element for this piece.  So essentially I'm starting from scratch.  The long and short of it is that for one I opted to improperly use my floss (using all 6 strands instead of the typical 2 - which lead to the stitching looking a lot thicker than it's supposed to as well as it using more thread less efficiently).  On another note when I originally mapped out the letters I did so by hand with a LOT of graph paper.  Needless to say there was some human error involved and I intended to just go with it but then later it turned from one error into many (which becomes frustrating if you tend towards perfectionism with your work as I often do).  Later I was graced with finding a cross stitch design program and have only just now recently entered the whole of the graph into it.  Before this I had used it here and there for smaller things but was not 100% familiar with all it could do (although I am much more so now).  Just as I finished mapping this particular graph out I figured out how to use the chart information given to calculate the finished size of graphs and I confirmed another flaw in my work - the aida I bought was too small (although I figured this out as I neared the end of the first line and was in the middle of a word...)

So with one flaw I could have kept going and fixed it, but with so many errors that eventually would lead to much larger ones I opted to start over and correct everything...the first correction of course would be not only to use the proper type of graph but also a large enough aida cloth...and then of course to use the thread  I had previously started with properly this time (meaning I would be taking apart the original piece as well).

Here's to progress....