Thursday, January 27, 2011

Learning to Let Go...

Often times we get it in our minds that problems that arise in our lives need to be "fixed". While maintaining a certain standard or level of equilibrium is nice sometimes things just don't work out how we plan. It's often the natural desire of most modern people to rush headlong into the fray and forcibly make something happen. This negates the purpose of such "inconveniences" however.

Difficulties occur to teach us lessons throughout life. Often times we are given much simpler ways to learn these lessons but we balk at them. This may be done either knowingly or unknowingly. When messages are not received or heeded they can "clog" our vision. This leads to energetic upsets and imbalances that may affect the mental, emotional, physical, and even spiritual bodies. Learning to spot these occurrences where we need to "let go & step back" is integral to being able to move forward and learn what we have been tasked by Spirit to learn.

How do you do this though? For those who like control, this is will likely be a lesson in and of itself.

As stated, recognition is the first step, but beyond that we must put use what we are recognizing in a real and true form.

  • Trust in yourself (to make the best choices and decisions in regards to your situation) and in things greater than yourself (Spirit, the Universe, God, Goddess, etc) are the next steps. They are also perhaps the hardest. Trusting that you will come out alright, stronger, and better is a hard thing to do when the future is uncertain and there are many variables seen and unseen.
  • Use affirmations and hold the intention that, "Everything will turn out according to the best possible outcome for the highest good." Leave your doubts and fears aside, acknowledging them but detaching from them. Do not hold expectations of a certain or specific outcome as that may impede your progress if it is not truly for the "highest good".
  • After this simply allow. Allow all that is supposed to happen to happen, allow yourself to take guided action towards the your goal, and allow yourself to accept what does manifest.

While this is no easy task and not likely one you will surmount immediately, actively working at this will lead to ease in performing within this line of thought in the future.

Blessings & Good Luck!