Sunday, October 10, 2010


Recently I attended a sweat lodge for the Fall Equinox. The theme of the season is harvesting. And while a good point was made about how one cannot harvest what one has not sewn into the field of their life, what you can do is harvest those things which you no longer have space, room, time, or desire for. A great, and popular example at the sweat, was habits and people that are no longer necessary in our lives for one reason or another.

This topic harkens back to our earlier statements about cleansing and clearing and their importance in our lives. Often times we become inundated in the "daily grind" and wrapped up too much in what others have going on and want versus what is whole and honors our spirits. So take time today, while it's still Fall (the Winter Solstice is not until mid/end of December) to consider what is in your life that you don't need anymore. This can be anything that is detrimental to you moving forward, including negative thoughts and feelings you are harboring about your circumstances to external influences such as your living space, the people you are are, etc.

Honoring your spirit by clearing out what you don't need will give you a sense of renewal and clarity to move forward with what is important and necessary in your life.

Blessings & Namaste,

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Healing Stones!

While it has been on our proverbial "to do" list for months to add some chakra/healing stones to the healing center's store it had yet to be accomplished. However the other day the "divine fire" was there and we spontaneously and intuitively selected several stones to help supplement healing and connection to several energies. All of the stones were carefully deliberated upon and the write ups reflect our knowledge and experience with the stones.

Included with the stones are print out references from "Love is in the Earth" by Melody a truly wonderful resource for anyone wanting to work with stones in a healing capacity!

View the healing stones available now!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Multi-color Lace Away Scarf

Healing comes in many forms and I decided upon seeing this unique and lacy stitch pattern that I would try it out, it would look lovely no matter the color that was used to express it in form, but I really thought a nice variegated yarn would add to it enough to make the simple design even more remarkable! It will be a 'scrap' project and one that will incorporate several (possibly) other color schemes and color but for it's beginnings this is where it lies! Made to be a delicate wrap for about the waist or neck it combines the healing energies of several colors across a Autumn color palette, rather than just one or two main colors.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mini Prayer Squares

The mini prayer squares were inspired by a larger version - being garter stitched and 4" square. I decided, being a novice knitter that a smaller version would suffice. They are the perfect fit for a keychain, pocket, purse, or somewhere that needs something inconspicuous or where space really is an issue and a shawl is too large. I chose to make them of cotton to be more "natural" but also because of the gentle colors associated with the stash that I had lying about.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pink Loveliness Shawl

Beautiful, simply ribbed knitted prayer shawl! This is my first one and as such I am very excited about it. Based on the "Cape Cod Shawl" from The Prayer Shawl Companion I thought it was a wonderful simple and yet elegant piece of work. Some time ago I ago had a dream about making a pink shawl of some sort for a dear friend who has just this year lost her mother. I thought a pink would do well and be a wonderful healing and comforting color - signifying the heart chakra and waves of love enveloping the wearer in loving and comforting vibes.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Reiki Principles Cross Stitch

Here is a project I've been working on for some time. Inspired by another Reiki master I thought it would make something nice for other Masters & Teachers to have. I used variegated thread on a light blue backdrop to add contrast without being too dark or too light. Each line is meant to be done in a different color and whole letters are worked together, generally top to bottom so each letter follows a flow rather than left to right.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Healing Shawl in progress...

I wanted to share with anyone following the blog or otherwise interested a shawl that is currently being worked on. It's about halfway done, it's a bit long therefore the time it's taking to finish it! However, it is a love varied green & brown color and in fact seems to have developed a stripe pattern!

Earth energy in general is healing and can help one connect to the Earth, Mother Nature, the physical body, and otherwise feel grounded. The soothing greens & browns aid this as they both connect to the element, as well as green being a healing color in and of itself!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Aquarius New Moon Clear Quartz Healing Pendant

There comes a time when it is time to "do". As with the dream catcher I felt called today, on the first New Moon of the year, which also just so happens to be in Aquarius, and also the day Mercury goes direct, to make something for a sister Witch.

An image suddenly popped in my head that I knew was for her and I set about to working on it. This particular piece is made from some silver colored "fun wire" and a tumbled clear quartz.

While charging it and imbuing it with Reiki energy the following trees came to me to be added to the general healing and empowering energy of the pendant:

  • Beith - Birch: the release of old ways, patterns, negative beliefs & energies, clears the past to make way for the present and future, allows you to work through issues that hold you back, great motivation for beginning a new project.
  • Huathe - Hawthorn: cleansing and preparation on a mental level, clarity
  • Phagos - Beech: understanding of old wisdom, inner knowing, brings past memories to life from current and past lives to be worked with and released.
  • Saille - Willow: lunar rhythms, to aide in connection with ethereal energies, healing of trauma
  • Ruis - Elder: birth and death, dealing with loss or transition, helps with fear

In addition, to me, clear quartz amplifies, clears, charges, and brings things to light. It was made with the general intent to help the wearer through any healing they are needing right now.