Sunday, October 10, 2010


Recently I attended a sweat lodge for the Fall Equinox. The theme of the season is harvesting. And while a good point was made about how one cannot harvest what one has not sewn into the field of their life, what you can do is harvest those things which you no longer have space, room, time, or desire for. A great, and popular example at the sweat, was habits and people that are no longer necessary in our lives for one reason or another.

This topic harkens back to our earlier statements about cleansing and clearing and their importance in our lives. Often times we become inundated in the "daily grind" and wrapped up too much in what others have going on and want versus what is whole and honors our spirits. So take time today, while it's still Fall (the Winter Solstice is not until mid/end of December) to consider what is in your life that you don't need anymore. This can be anything that is detrimental to you moving forward, including negative thoughts and feelings you are harboring about your circumstances to external influences such as your living space, the people you are are, etc.

Honoring your spirit by clearing out what you don't need will give you a sense of renewal and clarity to move forward with what is important and necessary in your life.

Blessings & Namaste,