Friday, January 15, 2010

Aquarius New Moon Clear Quartz Healing Pendant

There comes a time when it is time to "do". As with the dream catcher I felt called today, on the first New Moon of the year, which also just so happens to be in Aquarius, and also the day Mercury goes direct, to make something for a sister Witch.

An image suddenly popped in my head that I knew was for her and I set about to working on it. This particular piece is made from some silver colored "fun wire" and a tumbled clear quartz.

While charging it and imbuing it with Reiki energy the following trees came to me to be added to the general healing and empowering energy of the pendant:

  • Beith - Birch: the release of old ways, patterns, negative beliefs & energies, clears the past to make way for the present and future, allows you to work through issues that hold you back, great motivation for beginning a new project.
  • Huathe - Hawthorn: cleansing and preparation on a mental level, clarity
  • Phagos - Beech: understanding of old wisdom, inner knowing, brings past memories to life from current and past lives to be worked with and released.
  • Saille - Willow: lunar rhythms, to aide in connection with ethereal energies, healing of trauma
  • Ruis - Elder: birth and death, dealing with loss or transition, helps with fear

In addition, to me, clear quartz amplifies, clears, charges, and brings things to light. It was made with the general intent to help the wearer through any healing they are needing right now.

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