Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Butterfly Medicine...

I have been thinking a lot lately of Butterfly. Butterfly is one of the totems that I work closely with and one that holds fascination for many. For me the first communication with my "Higher Self" was in the form of a Monarch Butterfly, she called herself Naware. I took my name as a healer in honor of my connection to my inner god-force/Higher Self.

Butterfly medicine (to me) bespeaks of a soft gentleness. The fragility and strength of life. It communicates movement, and taking in the sweetness of life. Transformation and it's creative and restorative powers are also figured deep within traditional views of Butterfly.

I wrote a "prayer" (or invocation if you like) to Butterfly that I will share with you now:

Butterfly Woman
share your medicine with me
show me the fragile gentleness of life
and the brilliance of your delicate flight

Let me know the freedom of the wind
and drink of the sweet nectar of creation

Transform me beyond my physical bonds
No longer looking up in wonder
Bound to my Earthly home

Creature of fire & light
Bless me with your wisdom
To Be as I am & Nothing More
Butterfly Woman
Naware 12/29/2009

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