Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Taking Time to Take Care (of Ourselves)

Barring having a selfish fit, or what one might call one, many who are caregivers spend the majority of their time caring for everyone else but themselves. It's silly that we do that, but it's all too common. This happens for any number of rationalized reasons, but in the end they really are all excuses. And these excuses further toxify our personal Universes by procreating and replicating and otherwise "gunking up" the system.

With the new year literally days away I urge you to make a change for yourself, and ultimately for the betterment of your own Universe, by making yourself a priority. What better way to honor the Divine Spark within you than to care for yourself? Why not be the bigger person and learn when to say "No". It's okay, they'll live. I'm not talking about shucking all of your responsibilities in one fell swoop (unless that's what you feel guided to do), I'm talking about rethinking how you operate. For what better way to care for others than to show them how it's done? Be a great example!

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