Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Herbalist logo for Oak Grove Healing Center

And at long last, after taking a bit of what seemed to have been a hiatus from the internet on a "daily" fashion the logo is finally done! Though still to be considered a WIP (work in progress) all that is left is the edging of each "patch" respectively and then the attaching to the bag (or a bag rather since that is still not quite set in stone). BUT the great news is that the piece is done period! A somewhat experiment on my part, I took an Herbalist friend of mine's logo and converted it into a cross stitch design. Part of the challenge was that the original picture was not bigger than a half dollar coin... For that led to the stretching and skewing of some of the coloring and then it was decided that the colors would be simplified for this initial design with 3 shades for the "green" areas and 3 for the "red" areas and gray to outline (it was originally black but you couldn't tell after it got stretched...)

And voila!

*Original logo (c) James Muscato, made for Oak Grove Healing Center's Herbalist Rev. Nicole Lendman. Cross stitch logo designed by Aradia Goseling of Faith Works for PhoenixFlame Healing Center.*

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