Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crystal Use & Care at Home

I just put up this article on the healing center's webpage, but I also wanted to make it available here too for those who are following via my blog or frequent it more!


Crystal Use & Care at Home
Rev. Naware, RMT
20 May 09

Clear crystal in a manner that is appropriate with the type of care it can receive.
Sit and meditate with crystal. How does it feel in your hands? What thoughts come to mind? How does it make you feel ? (Good, Bad, Energized, Drained?)
Read over information on the crystal. Take and compare notes to your own personal reflections.
Charge your crystal for its specific healing purpose (may be more than one.)
Place crystal where needed.
Clear after use. You may wish to re-attune the crystal, but this is not required. Unless you will be changing what it will be used for.

Anytime a crystal changes hands however, it needs to be at least cleared and possibly re-attuned. Be sure to check for compatibility with the stone (see Step 2).

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