Monday, June 8, 2009

Your Life is What You Make of It...

My love and compassion to you all!

But even I have limitations. I cannot change your life for you, anymore than I can change our outlook. As a healer I am a teacher and a guide. A helping hand and a listening ear. But I am not you. I can show you a vast array of tools that you can use to move forward and go above and beyond your wildest dreams. But you must use them.

I have known, personally, many folks in my own life who seem always down. Whose lives are "always hard" and filled with "can'ts". And though my heart goes out to those with struggles, I know from my own that the only one to look to for their source is the self. Ego drives us with falsehoods and promises, lies and deceit. Causing and nurturing fear, worry, and doubt. All in the name of preserving itself.

How could anything that promotes such feelings be good? Is that really acting in your highest good, or anyone's for that matter? It certainly is not.

So cast off your chains and stop being a slave to Ego. Turn your back to the morose clouds, and bitter sentiments. Allow the sun to stream across your face, reminding you it is a new day, a better day and more will follow - if you just allow them.

You have every ability to change your life, to welcome the magnificent and you can, if you but "will".

In the words of "The Secret" 's Creative Process: Ask, believe, and receive!

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