Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kalends Messages for September

Firstly a brief apology on the tardiness of this post.  Given the fact that last Saturday we lost power until yesterday evening we had reason to be absent.

Since September happens to have a sabbat falling in it we will also be offering another sale in our store.  You can access this by using the coupon code "M4B0N" and you will get 20% off for the entire month of September.  (While we are offering this later than the first it will not be extended past the last day of the month.)  Visit PhoenixFlame Healing on Artfire to use your coupon.

We will also be updating our official website's store and everything will forthwith be routed through the Artfire storefront rather than have the two separate venues (this allows for greater security and ease of purchase).

Currently in our queue we are working on:

  • Reiki Principles cross stitch -  a custom order for someone as a gift.
  • Earth Fire Water Healing Shawl (which is about a quarter finished at this point)
This month will also lead to several administrative changes within the center's several websites and other presences.  Articles may be re-written, added, etc and there will definitely be a lot of flux, so stay tuned...

PhoenixFlame Healing Center

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