Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kalends Messages for June!

A little behind the eight ball this month as the winding down of my pregnancy makes life a bit hectic as I'm trying to get things taken care of and learning some harsh lessons...but enough about me!

As an advisory note hearkening back to my just made statement with the advent of a new life and addition to my family things may slow to a bit of a crawl here at the healing center.  Babies take time and patience so he will be coming first.  That said, business here will continue otherwise as normal!  (We might even include some information about parenting, babies, and Reiki too!)

As has been our custom since opening the store on Artfire we've been working to add at least one product to the store front everyday.  Since our inventory is fairly low compared to the sister store Faith Works one a day is plenty without going to great excess and allows for steady progress.

If you noticed yesterday's post about "Healing Our Feminine Wounds" it seems like a bit of a change from the way things were before.  This change was brought on by the lovely inspiration of Lissa Rankin who supports and promotes "being authentically you" all the time.  Participating in an e-course with her and several other women about "Getting Out of Your Own Way" has had us rethinking some of the "standards" that have thus far been imposed here at the healing center and is causing us to re-think some approaches.  So starting "now" we're going to try and more fully adopt that philosophy here as well as well as personally.  What this will mean here is that while we will still strive to remain positive as much as possible you may see notes that relate to the less than  positive side of the "human condition".  Originally we sought to avoid such posts altogether, not desiring to "spread" any negativity by talking about it - but while we wish to keep part of that up, instead of avoiding the dirty laundry we are going to deal with it as it comes and share it - and with is ways to deal with it via self-care etc.

From last month to this one we've finished our initial edits of the Alchemy Reiki Distance Course.  All of the original lesson plans have been made up and pre-typed for future students and as we are able to we will be re-vamping our instructor's manual.  (This will include the required reading of the Alchemy Reiki manual itself, re-formatted for neatness and structure but with all of the original information intact, and the addition of our personal write ups for the course, pre and post student evaluations and a space for notes.)  While this isn't necessarily relevant to students we want future instructors and other healers as well as students to have the chance to be aware of these changes!

Business hours on LivePerson have continued, though with some recent internet trouble some days have been shaky.

We're also hoping to get to that "more involvement" with our two charity projects that were mentioned last month!

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