Saturday, February 4, 2012

Your Psychic Senses

I was discussing Friday with a dear friend about psychic senses and receiving messages.  I pointed out that even though messages sometimes come at inopportune times (when we'd rather be doing something else) the natural, developed ability to receive messages should be appreciated as there are many who have difficulty with the ability.

This led to this post where I want to share my own experience with the psychic sense and its development.

We're all familiar with our five senses, the physical senses of touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing.  We are born with them generally at a certain level which develops to what we are used to by school age.  While some are color blind to varying degrees, blind, or deaf generally we're all on the same level.  We can't develop them further with practice - the range you can hear is the range you can hear.  Although with age, illness, and accident we can lose them.  And sometimes they can be slightly augmented, as with the case of hearing aids and glasses - but only so much.  So really they're rather limited when you consider it.

The psychic senses however usually are not fully developed when we are born, though certainly easy enough to access.  As with most things we must learn to use them, and yet most don't.  Training with them typically involves protection and learning to sense more closely or fully.  But in that we are highly variable.  What you may be naturally strong at I may not, and vice versa.  The benefit of the psychic senses is that they develop in a way that works best for you.  You will receive messages that you are capable of receiving.  But in that it can make learning difficult if your teacher or mentor does not receive in the same way.  And sometimes we receive in ways we'd rather not, and not in ways we'd like.  But even with that we have a lot more freedom and control over these senses than our physical ones.

The trouble is that when we are most open, as children, we often lack the understanding and capability to understand the complexity of the psychic senses.  We may innately accept the messages and not differentiate between them and physical reality but the imagination of a child is similarly colorful and at a young age may get mixed up in that too.  Many who are empathic have the same problem of having trouble in developing their ability as those working with the psychic senses.  While there is literature out there it is directed at adults and based on the ideas and experiences of the author.  Plainly put it just may not work for you.

There is no right or wrong way to develop one's senses really, it just takes practice and honest, open observation.  We must learn to listen to the signs we are given before we try to interpret them.  Then it's important to understand that some signs are not literal but figurative.  Certain senses may come through one way but another at a different time.  We might find that certain messages are received in a certain way too - like a feeling of danger preceding one, but have something audible happen when spirits are near.

Some tips:

  • Be open.  Don't expect your senses to develop in any particular way.   Everyone's senses develop in the way that is best for them to receive.
  • Observe carefully without expectation.  Even after one or more of your senses starts to develop it may be some time before you get a strong message.  Do not ignore even things that seem like insignificant messages.
  • Practice.  As with anything this is a skill, it takes time and effort to develop.  And as you cannot necessarily quantify your results it can be hard to measure precisely how much you're doing.
  • Tools can help.  Many enter the practice of developing their psychic sense by using divinatory objects.  These give you a physical middle man through which to receive messages.  They may also help with a specific sense.
  • Find a community.  Talking with others who have or are developing their senses can help you as well.  They may point out pitfalls or have suggestions.
  • Immerse yourself in learning.  While there is not one single "must read" for those trying to develop their senses there are a number of practices and resources that can certainly help.
  • Most of all - be patient.  You likely weren't born with knowledge of how to do complicated things like driving or communicating verbally, so you will need time for this as well.

Share with us, in your search and study to develop your psychic senses what have you learned?  What has or hasn't worked for you?


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