Sunday, February 5, 2012

You Are

I was just thinking of some things I wanted to say to a dear friend that I've known for years when this phrase popped into my head, "You are the Ultimate Healer of Yourself."  I mentally uttered it again, and I mentally shook with the power of this statement.  It's true, as any good healer or healthcare provider can attest.

Now I have nothing against traditional healthcare, I don't always agree with some of the methods, but I don't agree with all alternative care methods either.  And a short jump back in history compared to today can lead to some quite disturbing methods of care based on the knowledge and resources they had and what was commonplace.  So really it's always evolving and moving forward.

My point is that no matter what direction or suggestion you are given, you are ultimately the one who has to do the healing.  Dr. A can prescribe you a medication to take every day or for so many days, but if you don't take it it won't do you any good.  And if you do take it but don't follow the other directives given by Dr. A or Pharmacist B it won't do much if any good either.  You have to remember, and you have to take it properly - end of story.   The same goes with other methods.  If your dietician or nutritionist suggest you lay off this food or watch these levels and you don't, it won't matter what they said.   And if you see a therapist, counselor, alternative health practitioner or any other slew of health and healing providers and work against their directions you are unlikely to find yourself anywhere but deep in the hole with your issue, ailment, or whatever problem.

I have to say though, it's a little more than that.  Sometimes we carry with us deep problems physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual that just eat away at the core of our strength.  They wear on us constantly and we feel as though we can't get away from them.  Sometimes even though you'd love to go off the meds you just can't because physically or otherwise you're not equipped to "go it alone".  Especially in those cases follow your care plan to the letter, seek help, give the fullest effort you can.  But understand it's okay to feel frustrated and that worrying, while understandable, certainly won't help.  But forgive yourself, allow yourself to be human and then pick yourself up - surround yourself with support in all the ways that you can and do your best to keep moving forward.

Healing doesn't generally happen in a day.  You certainly didn't develop whatever issue is bothering you in a day (even when it seems "overnight") so allow it to take at least that long to let up.  And know that healing doesn't necessarily mean that it's 100% gone.  Sometimes healing is maintaining and being able to get through the day, feel a bit better, and being able to go on even when you don't otherwise feel like it.  Healing is being able to appreciate the good you have, acknowledge the less than good and still be okay about it.  It's learning from one's mistakes, and embracing things as they are without becoming victim to what may not feel so great.  It's about struggling, releasing, letting go, winding down, moving up and the constant change one may feel throughout life - but still living.

Here's to that wild ride and all the interesting things along the way.

Love & Light,

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