Sunday, January 1, 2012

Kalends Messages for January

At the end of 2011 I took a break from working with the healing center to focus on my shop.  My purpose was  to meet the demands of holiday shopping and with the other intent to catch up on paperwork.  With the advent of 2012 we're back in action and looking forwards to checking in with you again and more regularly!

Our plans for 2012 include taking care of some necessary "business tasks" (financial ones and paperwork) but also keeping up on our "book of days" posts on the Guild's FB page.  As well as our weekly site uploads for the Book of Shadows.

We hope also to offer some more things in the store, though our primary focus is healing and teachings for the healing center.  With the opening of a new store venue on Storenvy for my other shop I'll be featuring some of the healing center's products there (rather than opening another venue right now), though that may be a possibility later.

The only things currently on our queue are two prayer shawls, each a gift for a close friend.  Some more paid pieces are being considered for the future after these are finished.

Wishing you a wonderful and fruitful 2012!!!

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